Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Maths Problems - [Holidays Maths]

Maths - Holiday

Mondays Maths
Q. You are given $100 today.  Show how you will spend it. Your friend got ¼ of your money, how much does your friend have?

A. ¼ of 100 = 25
I would divide 100 with the denominator which is 4 and it would equal 25. Then I times 25 with the numerator which is 25. So the then will be 25

Tuesdays Maths
Q. You got $278 - Plan a day with your friend.  How would you spend your money. Make a list of your spending and add your total.

A. Firstly I and my friend will go to Rainbow’s End first which is a cost of 92. Now we got 186 left. After we go to Rainbow’s End we will go and have a feed at Mc Donald's. We would have a Big Mac each which will cost 7 dollars each. 14 dollars gone now we have 172. Then we would have a Mc Float each. That would be 4 dollars gone. We have 168 dollars left now. We would home and have a rest. After we a rest we go to the movies and spend time there together. That will cost $43.40 and we will buy our food from Countdown.

At the bottom it has a table of what I bought and how much is left.
Rainbows End - $46.00 2x
Big Mac - $7.00 2x
Mc Float - $2.00 2x
Board Games - $80.00 1x
Movies - $18.20 2x
Sprite - $4.00 2x
Black Forest - $4.30 2x
Crunchesse - $1.00 3x
Pringles - $3.00 2x
Doritos Salsa - $2.00 2x
Fresh Up - $2.49 1x

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Letter to Author - Holiday Post

Dear Crystal Hubbard,

My name is Caroline, I live in Auckland, New Zealand.  I am 11 years old and go to a school called St Pius X Catholic School.

I am writing this letter because I wanted you to know what I think about your book..

I have been reading your book about Catching the Moon.  If I was to rate your book it would be a 5/5 because it's a true story not only a true story but it is also interesting and amazing.  What really interested me was how the boys in her team teased her by calling her names and teasing her. But at the end they Knew how great and awesome she was, so they wanted her in their team, because she could run and hit home runs.

I found your book very inspirational and fun to read. It was amazing because Marcenia had a big dream that she wanted to Base Ball player.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Math Problem using Screencastify!

Learn: I learn to Screencastify  my learning

This is a video of me using Screencastify for the first time.