Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 3 Activity 2

Task - Activity 2
Imagine that you have been asked to create your very own airline. What would you call it? Design a simple logo for your airline and post it on your blog. You must include a short explanation of your logo below the picture.
Screenshot 2016-12-29 at 7.50.06 PM.png

This logo represent the Whole Wide World, meaning it’s not just going to be in New Zealand it’s going to be in all different countries. The background means ‘World Wide’ and the Plan mean ‘Traveling’. Also it can travel from one side the the world to the other.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 3/Activity 1

Task - Activity 1
Watch both of the current Air New Zealand safety videos. The first is a video that stars the All Blacks. The second is a video that stars Rhys Darby and Anna Faris (Hollywood actress).  Links for the videos are found below:
Air New Zealand Men In Black’ video
Air New ZealandSafety in Hollywood’ video
Once you have finished watching the videos, go to your blog and list three things that you need to do to stay safe on an airplane.

  • If you need a Lifejacket it’s underneath your seat. Pull it out, unzip it, put it over your head, clip it tight, pull the red tab then for more inflation blow the mouthpiece.
  • Must wear your Seatbelts and click it. If you need to get up then lift the lever.
  • If a mask come over you head then pull it down, place it over your mouth and your nose, pull the straps on each side then breathe normally

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 2/BONUS

Monday 19 December 2016

Task - Bonus Activity
Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. Have you been to Wellington? If so, please tell us about two things that you did when you were in Wellington.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to go to Wellington, follow the link to learn more about this very cool city: Discover Wellington.
On your blog, tell us what two things you would like to do if you had the chance to visit Wellington. Would you go to the botanical gardens or visit the Beehive? Perhaps you would prefer to go shopping on Cuba Street or go out for dinner on Quay Street…
  1. Firstly i’d go there to visit my family. Spend time with them.
  2. I will go to to the botanical gardens. It sounds like fun. It looks very beautiful and amazing.

Summer Learning Journey - Week 2 Day2/Activity 2

Monday 19 December 2016

Task - Activity 2
One of the most popular activities in Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is called ‘Bullfighting.’ It has been a part of Spanish culture for centuries. In bullfighting people called ‘toreros and ‘matadors’ fight with a live bull. The toreros do most of the fighting and, ultimately, capture the bull and tie it up. Once it has been caught, the matador joins the fight and kills the bull. Although most toreros and matadors are men, there are some women who also compete in the sport.
Not everyone supports bullfighting in Spain. In fact, about 30% of the population want it to be banned (stopped) completely. What do you think? On your blog tell us whether or not you think that bullfighting should be banned in Spain. Please provide, at least, two reasons to support your decision.
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Bullfighting picture.jpg
In my opinion I think it shouldn’t be banned. It’s very dangerous and scary. But on the other side I think they shouldn’t ban it because it’s something they are use to and they love and enjoy it. Also it’s their traditional way.

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 2

Monday 19 December 2016

Task - Activity 1
Before you go overseas it will be important that you learn a bit about the capital city of your country. Hop online and find out about the capital city of your country. Use this information to complete the five sentences below:

  1. The name of the capital city is Tokyo.
  2. The population of the capital city is 13.62 million.
  3. In January, the weather in the capital city is usually hot.
  4. The capital city is located in the middle  (northern, southern, middle) part of the country.
  5. The languages most commonly spoken in the capital city are Japanese.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 1 Activity 2

Task - Activity 2
On Google, research the country that you have chosen to visit and write, in your own words, three interesting facts about that country. They must be facts that weren’t already provided on the World Map.

  1. Japan suffers 1,500 earthquakes every year.
  2. Square Watermelons are grown by Japanese farmers for easier stack and store.
  3. Japan has 5.52 million vending machines.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 1

Thursday 15 December 2016

Task - Activity 1
After you have read the quick facts about each place you must choose ONE country that you would like to ‘visit.’ On your blog post the name of the country and tell us why you have chosen to visit it. Please give, at least, two reasons for choosing the country.

I chose Japan because:

  • Most of our cars a made from there
  • They have square melons and we have round ones
  • Japan was in WW1 (World war one)  from 1914 to 1918.
  • One of the buildings has a drive through in it and New Zealand doesn’t have one.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Main Highlights of 2K16

I have created a Google Slide to show my 'Main Highlights of 2016'.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

St. Peter Chanel.

This week I've been focusing on St. Peter Chanel for Religious Education. 

Monday, 31 October 2016

Saints!! - Religious Education

Image result for all catholic saints

I have created a wordle that describes a Saint. I have words such as Kind, Love, Honest and etc. I have learnt that Saints aren't people with special abilities, they are just like you and me but they have strong beliefs in their 'FAITH'. 

Monday, 24 October 2016

My Illustration - The Scary Man

This is my Illustration for my writing called "The Scary Man". Click on the link to see my writing.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

The missing bag - Writing

A blanket of fog covered the land below with only patches of green grass and some large buildings visible. Putting my luggage on the top shelf and went to sit down in my seat.

After eating my meal I went to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom I remembered about my Handbag. I finished from being in the bathroom and then I went to check if my handbag was still there. I opened the top shelf seeing my handbag not being there. I ask the passengers that were in my row if they have seen my handbag. All there answers to my questions were “no”. So I sat there for about 5 minutes waiting.

Then I decided to go ask the flight attendant if she could help me. “Yes, but have you looked properly on the top shelf?” The flight attendant said. “Yes, I have” I replied. Then she told me let’s go look properly. We got to my seat then we started looking.

At the top shelf we both saw a big bag. She moved the big bag… and “THERE!!” I screamed with excitement. “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” I said to the flight Attendant, “No Worries” she replied. After all the stress I went back to my seat and sat down listening to music.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Holiday Blogging - Plan My Holidays!

I did the presentation on me planing my holidays. I picked to go to Christchurch.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Holiday Blogging - Where in the world?

I created a google draw to show how I found the answer. 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sacrament Strand - Achievement :)

Today for Religious Education, I created a infographic to show how I achieved my goals. Thank you!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What I learn on Maths?

What I've learnt: I have learnt how to read and identify decimal and fractions.
I have learnt how to change fractions to decimal and vice versa.
I have learnt how to simplify fractions by finding the LCF.

My evidence of what I learnt: 

What I use to help me with?
Our group has use these materials to help us.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Jesus the Modelling Teacher!!

My info graphic demonstrates how Jesus was a Modelling Teacher. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


I worked collaboratively with Kalo and Anthony to understand how to solve multiplication of fraction. I am excited that I can do it. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Writing - I found a strange package by the door...

I found a strange package by the door. I was confused because I didn’t order anything. So I got it and check the address because it might be for someone else and they delivered it to the wrong address.

I check it and it said California, America. “This is my address” I said. So I decided to open it. I opened it it was 2 clothes wrapped up together. “Hmmmm” I wondered “I think somebody sent it to me”.  Then I decided to try it on. I tried it on it a perfect fit. I smiled and looked at the mirror. “I wonder who would of sent it to me” I said lovingly to my self.

I woke up the next morning and saw the other shirt in my closet. I wore it then went for a walk. I asked my friend Rosie if she was the one who sent it to me and I saw her wearing the same top as me. “Yes” she said proudly. “Thank You so much” I said hugging her “No Problem.

I just wanted to send it to you so you can have the same clothes as me “You're the best” I replied. And she smiled and said bye. So I came back home being happy.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Writing - If my dog could talk

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.07.02 PM.pngIf pets could speak that would be amazing. I'd like to have a talking pet, that would be very interesting.

One day I came outside seeing my dog talking to my neighbour. “How could you be talking to a dog?” I asked “Um… yeah I came outside and your dog just talked” she was trying to finish off her sentence. “Yeah of course I can” my dog Bark interrupted. “Oh Okay” In just said softly. So I looked at my dog and he smiled back at me.

At the I and my dog both said bye to her and left.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

NED Show

We had writing tutorial. We learnt how to make good sentences.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Being Smart Online

Today Constable Gordon came here to St Pius X school to talk about Cyber Smart. He was talking about the principles of online communication. I learnt that if you were to post something nasty about people you would never fully delete it. It can be retrieved. It will always be there in the cloud. I also learnt if you use a cell phone the provider can retrieve the text messages I send even though I deleted it.  Online laws is place. If I break the law and I am 14 years old I can go to court for that.

Thank Constable Gordon. I need to be smart online.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Silent Movie

This is a Silent movie. I made with Saveu and Patrick. Our theme was Helpfulness and we showed it on this movie. Hope you enjoyed it!



and Caroline (Me)

Directer: Ashley

Editor: Caroline (Me)

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Narrative Writing

Learn - I am Learning to write a Narrative writing using a silent trailer.
Branch and I lived in the middle of the wood.  My friends were the plants and the monsters.

“Brother finger Brother finger…” I sang. “SERIOUSLY!?” Branch screamed at me “What??” I asked “Can you go to bed?” “Well, yes but I’m singing to go to bed”. Branched ignored me and turned around going to bed.
When he slept I sang again to annoy him and he was very furious when he got up. When I sang I moved back into the darkness and my friends started joining me by singing. One of my friends which was the spider crawled up on him then he flicked it away.

As soon as I finished Branch asked “May I?” (meaning for my ukulele) then I gave it. Straight away he threw it inside his bonfire he just made. I just stood there being so angry and mad. I just wanted to scream my Lungs out of but I kept it inside.  After he threw my ukulele he went to bed. So I went to bed as well being angry and mad.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Day 7 - BONUS

Sunday 17 July
Day 7 - BONUS

Bonus - This year two new sports are being added to the Paralympic Games. They are canoeing and triathlon. In the triathlon the athletes must swim 750 metres, cycle for 20 kilometres, and then run for 5 kilometres. Paralympic athletes may also compete in other sports including archery, boccia, football, judo, powerlifting, rowing, sailing, swimming, sitting volleyball, track cycling, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby, and wheelchair tennis. To learn more about all of the Paralympic sports, please visit the 2016 Paralympic Games website.

Imagine that you are on the Paralympic Committee and you have been asked to create one new sport to add to the competition for this year. Use your awesome imagination to design a brand new Paralympic sport. Please remember that some of the athletes will not be able to walk or run and others may be blind or deaf. On your blog, please write:

  1. The name of your sport
“The Travelling Egg”

  1. A brief description of how you play the sport
The game that I have come up up with is called "The travelling egg". The Travelling egg is suitable for the Paralympic Athletes to play. This game can be played by either Deaf,Blind or anyone who's in a Wheelchair. For participants that are Deaf, the game can be introduced to them through hand signals. In which to say, this game consists of an egg being put on a spoon. By this, the participant playing needs to make sure the egg sits on the spoon until the finishing line. However, for the participants that are blind they do get a head start of 8 seconds.

  1. Three rules for the sport

  • Rule 1) If the egg falls off the spoon you're out
  • Rule 2) One hand behind your back
  • Rule 3) No RUNNING!

Day 7 - Activity 2

Sunday 17 July
Day 7 - Activity 2

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Paralympic logo Nz.jpgActivity 1 - It is very expensive for each of the Paralympic athletes to fly from New Zealand to Rio de Janeiro to compete.  Most athletes have to fundraise in order to make the money that they need to go on the big trip. Recently, Harvey Norman announced that they will be helping to raise funds for the New Zealand Paralympic team. What could you do to help raise funds to support our amazing Paralympic athletes? On your blog, list 2 different ways in which you, your family or friends could raise money to support the athletes.

  • One of the ways my family and I would like to help is by having a Garage Sale. Having a garage sale would be helpful as we have things that we no longer make use of in which would be helpful to sell and raise money from.
  • The second way I would help out is to have island plates. By this my family and friends could gather bits and pieces of island food which would combine into a plate or container that we could sell and raise money from.

Day 7 - Activity 1

Sunday 17 July
Day 7 - Activity 1

Activity 1 -  At the first ever Paralympic Games in Rome, the athletes competed in eight sports. Cycling was one of them. For the cycling event, two people compete together as a team – one of the people has a disability and the other does not. Here is a picture of a para-cycling team from New Zealand:
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Paraclycing team (NZ).jpg
At the moment the most famous para-cycling team in New Zealand is comprised of two female athletes – Emma Foy and Laura Thompson. Emma is blind but Laura is not. Together they work as an amazing team. Imagine that you were asked to compete in a tandem cycling event and you had to choose one person to compete with. Who would it be? On your blog, tell us who you would compete with and why. If it was me, I would choose my son, Aronui because he’s pretty fast and very funny. He would make me laugh as we biked along and would be very supportive and encouraging! I know that I could trust him to be a good teammate. Who would you choose?

I would choose my Best Friend, Saveu.  I would pick her because we work together as a team. I know that I can trust her to motivate me when I am feeling my lowest to keep going. Also Saveu is very energetic in which I know will keep us going to the finish line of the race. Which is why I think Saveu is the best person to be my partner.