Monday, 30 May 2016

Science Raodshow

Room 7 and Room 5 went to Tamaki College to a Science Roadshow. The show was in the Tamaki Auditorium.  Parents helped with the transport. I went with Malia's mum.

The things I saw in the Auditorium was stations with scientific things on it. I firstly went to the Body parts where it’s like a puzzle and you have to fix it. In that station I leant how to place body parts correctly. My best station was the Changing Pendulum because  I got adjust it how fast and slow it can go. It was amazing. I also loved the colour words because it was funny when I said it and I got mistakes.

At the end they presented to us a presentation about Sounds. The first one was fast and pretty loud it gave me and Sammy a fright. The second experience was in a glass Jar with a balloon in it. When it popped we didn’t ever hear a loud sound all we heard was the glass sound. Finally it was time to go back. I went back in the same ride to School.