Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Writing - If my dog could talk

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.07.02 PM.pngIf pets could speak that would be amazing. I'd like to have a talking pet, that would be very interesting.

One day I came outside seeing my dog talking to my neighbour. “How could you be talking to a dog?” I asked “Um… yeah I came outside and your dog just talked” she was trying to finish off her sentence. “Yeah of course I can” my dog Bark interrupted. “Oh Okay” In just said softly. So I looked at my dog and he smiled back at me.

At the I and my dog both said bye to her and left.


  1. WOW! Hi Caroline,
    I really love the way how your writing is short and simple to read. I really liked how you made it interesting using the punctuation, capital letter and full stops.

    Keep up the great Work Caroline!

  2. Amazing, Hi Caroline
    I really liked how you made your story short.I really liked the way you used punctuation in the correct places.

    Keep up the awesome Work Caroline