Thursday, 18 August 2016

Writing - I found a strange package by the door...

I found a strange package by the door. I was confused because I didn’t order anything. So I got it and check the address because it might be for someone else and they delivered it to the wrong address.

I check it and it said California, America. “This is my address” I said. So I decided to open it. I opened it it was 2 clothes wrapped up together. “Hmmmm” I wondered “I think somebody sent it to me”.  Then I decided to try it on. I tried it on it a perfect fit. I smiled and looked at the mirror. “I wonder who would of sent it to me” I said lovingly to my self.

I woke up the next morning and saw the other shirt in my closet. I wore it then went for a walk. I asked my friend Rosie if she was the one who sent it to me and I saw her wearing the same top as me. “Yes” she said proudly. “Thank You so much” I said hugging her “No Problem.

I just wanted to send it to you so you can have the same clothes as me “You're the best” I replied. And she smiled and said bye. So I came back home being happy.


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  2. WOW...What a fantastic short story Caroline. Well done for using your imagination. Ofa atu 💕.