Monday, 30 May 2016

Science Raodshow

Room 7 and Room 5 went to Tamaki College to a Science Roadshow. The show was in the Tamaki Auditorium.  Parents helped with the transport. I went with Malia's mum.

The things I saw in the Auditorium was stations with scientific things on it. I firstly went to the Body parts where it’s like a puzzle and you have to fix it. In that station I leant how to place body parts correctly. My best station was the Changing Pendulum because  I got adjust it how fast and slow it can go. It was amazing. I also loved the colour words because it was funny when I said it and I got mistakes.

At the end they presented to us a presentation about Sounds. The first one was fast and pretty loud it gave me and Sammy a fright. The second experience was in a glass Jar with a balloon in it. When it popped we didn’t ever hear a loud sound all we heard was the glass sound. Finally it was time to go back. I went back in the same ride to School.


  1. Wow Caroline, it really sounds like you enjoyed yourself!
    I really liked the way you explained how the sounds went from loud to being quite. Next time I recommend you should use more interesting vocabulary. Keep it up!

  2. Wow Caroline,
    I really like your writing, and the way you expressed your feelings. I also really liked the way you explained to us what you saw and what you did. Maybe next time you could proofread your writing before you post it. If you do that then your writing will be awesome, but keep up the awesome work!! :)