Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Maths Problems - [Holidays Maths]

Maths - Holiday

Mondays Maths
Q. You are given $100 today.  Show how you will spend it. Your friend got ¼ of your money, how much does your friend have?

A. ¼ of 100 = 25
I would divide 100 with the denominator which is 4 and it would equal 25. Then I times 25 with the numerator which is 25. So the then will be 25

Tuesdays Maths
Q. You got $278 - Plan a day with your friend.  How would you spend your money. Make a list of your spending and add your total.

A. Firstly I and my friend will go to Rainbow’s End first which is a cost of 92. Now we got 186 left. After we go to Rainbow’s End we will go and have a feed at Mc Donald's. We would have a Big Mac each which will cost 7 dollars each. 14 dollars gone now we have 172. Then we would have a Mc Float each. That would be 4 dollars gone. We have 168 dollars left now. We would home and have a rest. After we a rest we go to the movies and spend time there together. That will cost $43.40 and we will buy our food from Countdown.

At the bottom it has a table of what I bought and how much is left.
Rainbows End - $46.00 2x
Big Mac - $7.00 2x
Mc Float - $2.00 2x
Board Games - $80.00 1x
Movies - $18.20 2x
Sprite - $4.00 2x
Black Forest - $4.30 2x
Crunchesse - $1.00 3x
Pringles - $3.00 2x
Doritos Salsa - $2.00 2x
Fresh Up - $2.49 1x

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