Thursday, 28 July 2016

Narrative Writing

Learn - I am Learning to write a Narrative writing using a silent trailer.
Branch and I lived in the middle of the wood.  My friends were the plants and the monsters.

“Brother finger Brother finger…” I sang. “SERIOUSLY!?” Branch screamed at me “What??” I asked “Can you go to bed?” “Well, yes but I’m singing to go to bed”. Branched ignored me and turned around going to bed.
When he slept I sang again to annoy him and he was very furious when he got up. When I sang I moved back into the darkness and my friends started joining me by singing. One of my friends which was the spider crawled up on him then he flicked it away.

As soon as I finished Branch asked “May I?” (meaning for my ukulele) then I gave it. Straight away he threw it inside his bonfire he just made. I just stood there being so angry and mad. I just wanted to scream my Lungs out of but I kept it inside.  After he threw my ukulele he went to bed. So I went to bed as well being angry and mad.

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