Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Marae Visit

As we arrived at the Marae we had to wait for 1 to 2 minutes while they were preparing. After the preparation one the the ladies came and said they were ready. Then the whole school went.

While we were walking the tangata whenua was calling us to come, from our side Analei did the answering back. Then we finally reached the Marae. At the Marae we had to take of our shoes then walk in. In the Marae we Sang and did prayers. After that we went to have Morning Tea. Next we made puawai (flowers)in the hall. We had to work with our Soul Friends. It was a little hard to do it but I still managed to do it.

After that activity we went to the Marae and did the “Head Shoulder Knees and Toes” song. It was fun because we got to learn knew Maori words.When we finish singing the song the tangata whenua showed us how John key dances. When we finished we had lunch and went to tech while the rest stayed there.

That was an awesome and exhausted day.

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