Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Day 3 - Activity 2

Wednesday 13 July
Activity 2 - Day 3

Activity 2 - Take a picture of yourself playing one of the 28 Olympic sports and post it to your blog along with the name of the sport and a brief description of what you are doing in the picture. As an example, I have posted a picture of my son, Aronui, posing as an archery competitor. He made his bow out of a tree branch!

This sport is tennis. This picture was taken in the first Term. This was Kiwisports time. I was waiting for my partner to serve over the ball to me. It was really exciting because it was my first time playing tennis in school.


  1. What a great 'action shot' Caroline! It is wonderful to see that KiwiSports came to your school to teach you how to play tennis. Did you like it?

    I actually played tennis for my school when I was younger. I was on a mixed doubles team with my good friend, Jamie. We loved playing together (even though we weren't particularly talented)!

    I hope that you've had the chance to get out and play a lot over this holiday. I'm so pleased that you've also made time to keep up with your blogging. I'll check back in another few days to see if you've had to post another blog. I really hope that you will!

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. Great picture Caroline, it does seem that you were having lots of fun out there!I have never played Tennis myself!Maybe next time you could post more pictures of yourself doing it?By the way, Did you have fun playing Tennis for the first time?