Monday, 4 July 2016

Cathedral Trip - Writing

On a beautiful sunny day St Pius X School got an opportunity to go to a beautiful place called “ St Patrick’s Cathedral”. We drove to the Cathedral by bus. It was our first time going there. The reason why we went was because this year is the year of mercy.

Once we arrived at our destination we had to walk over to the Door of mercy which was at the other side of the big massive building. While we were walking we saw these really big buildings that were surrounding us. We had to wait a few minutes for the Parish Members to get ready for the mass. Then we entered the door of mercy with our soul friends. We got inside and had to dip our finger in the blessing water and and blessed us. We were seated in the front.

After 5 - 10 minutes we started our Mass. Father welcomed us and thanked us for coming before the mass started. Once he finished welcoming us we began our mass. Firstly a Guy came and read a reading. Then Father read his reading. After the readings we had the eucharists. We sang “ Bread Broken ” for the eucharists. When we sang that the other people went and got the bread and the Wine.

Then it was our turn to go and get our communion. At last we ended of with the sign of the cross. After we finished we took a whole school photo. Mrs tui and Viliami Aunty took our photos. Then we sat down and Fr Larry was talking about the church. After Fr Larry talked about the church we had Lunch at this place next to the Cathedral. We ate for like 15 mins while we were waiting for the bus then I and my friends played a game.

Finally we walked back to the bus and left the city and went back to school. It was an fun and happy day. I hope to go back there again.

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