Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Photo Story

An Autobiography: Information About My Photos
Photo 1
In this photo I was 3 months. One thing I like about this photo is that I look better than who I am now. This photo was taken on the year of 2005 on February and it was taken at the Photo Studio. In this photo 
I went with my Parents and my brother (Anthony).  I picked this because I wanted memories  of me when I was small.
Photo 2
In this photo I was 6 months of age. One thing I liked about this was I looked fat and chubby. This photograph was taken in the year 2005 and 
it was taken at our 1st house. In this photo I was on a bouncer looking at the camera and smiling. I picked this photograph because it reminds me of being in a bouncer.
Photo 3
In this photo I was 1 and a half years of age. One thing I liked about this photo was when I firstly went preschool. This photo was taken when I was in preschool and I was with my other friends
but they were outside playing.  In this photo I was by myself with the person who took the photo.  I picked this photo beacuse it gives me memories of preschool.
Photo 4
pea ha.jpg
This picture I was 2 years old. One thing I liked about this photo was I looking cute. This was taken at the Studio Photo. I went with my parents.This 
picture was taken years before now. I picked this photograph because I like to have a picture of every age I went through.
Photo 5
In this picture I was 4 years old, 1 year before I started primary. One thing I liked in this photo was me not looking at the camera. This was taken in
2008 at the Studio photo. I went with my parents, brother and sister. I picked this picture because I wanted to remember about when I was this age.

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  1. WOW, GREAT work Caroline, I love your Autobiography.....This is an awesome piece of work Princess....Well done and keep it up, ofa atu Mom Siosiana.