Thursday, 10 March 2016

Reading - Badge of Honour

Learn - To monitor my reading, to know that understand what I read, I ask questions to myself and I also visualize, infer, connect, feel & evaluate to understand what I am reading.
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I wonder? What if? Why? How? -

I wonder if Mrs Latu would take the badge of?
What if he got worst then a bruise?
Why did he not listen to Isaac?
How does the problem get solved?

2.VISUALIZE: Images I see... The scene I can picture the clearest is... - See more at:
I can imagine when he got a bruise under his eye from Richmond.

3. INFER: I think the author wants me to know... The author didn't actually say.... but I think... Things seem... - See more at:
I think the author was trying to tell us to act like a leader at all times not like when the teacher is looking.

4.  CONNECT: This part reminds me of... My life... The world... Other texts... - See more at:
This might a good text because I might be a leader and yet I am naughty and they might change the leader.

5.  FEEL: Which parts did you have an emotional connection to? How did YOU feel when you read this part? - See more at:
I felt emotional on the part when he had a bruise.

6.  EVALUATE: Was this good? Why? Why not? What would make it better?  EXAMPLE: 
When I saw the book it looked very boring but when started to read it, it started to become awesome and inspiring.

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