Thursday, 10 March 2016

Writing - Badge of Honour

Learn - To identify what the structure of a Narrative is.

Structure of Narrative Story
Where did it took place: When did it happened:  Who is ?in the story

Where? At school and at the park
Who? Tomasi, Mrs Latu, Isaac, Fai, Richmond
COMPLICATION - What is the problem?

The problem was Richmond and Tomasi had a fight. Also Tomasi got a black bruise under his eye.
SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.

  • There were 4 people who got a badge, two boys and  girls
  • Tomasi and Richmond had a fight
  • They had a fight at the park
  • Tomasi thought he was hard then after the fight he got a black bruise under his eye.
  • Isaac was nervous
  • Tomasi got a phone call
RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?

The problem wasn’t solved

Isaac was happy he wasn’t the one that told.

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  1. Wow, great work Caroline, you have structured your narrative so well. I hope you will learn more and more each day....Keep it up and I'm proud of you. Ofa atu meia mom Siosiana