Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey||Day 1 Activity 2

Monday 10 July 2017
Task: Your tour of New Zealand is going to start right here in Auckland. Watch the Tourist video for Auckland to learn about the awesome things that you can see and do in the city. Once you’ve finished, choose your favorite five activities from the video and list them on your blog.  

First Activity: Museum
I would first go to the Museum. I would go to the Museum because I would want to learn more about things back then and how things used to work. Also, I would want to learn about the war and other cultures. I’ve only been to the Museum once with my old school.
Screenshot 2017-07-10 at 5.05.14 PM.png
Second Activity: Native Rainforest
My second choice is going to the Native Rainforest. I would go to this place because I want to study about the native things in New Zealand. I would also want to go to the Native Forest with my family and discover things.
Screenshot 2017-07-10 at 5.03.36 PM.png
Third Activity: Auckland Zoo
This is my third choice, going to the Zoo. I would go to the Zoo because I would want to study/learn about alkinds of animals. Also, I would want to go to the Zoo because I want to see other animals I haven’t seen.
Fourth Activity: Rainbows End
My fourth choice is going to Rainbows End. I would want to go to this place because I want to go on the rides. I also would want to go to Rainbows End because I want to fight my fears of heights.
Fifth Activity: Sky Tower
My last activity is going to the Sky Tower. My reason for picking the Sky Tower is because I want to get a better view of Auckland, at the top of the Sky Tower.

Sky tower.jpg

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  1. Hi Caroline,

    What a great post! I love that you have added pictures of each of the five places on your list and provided us with a detailed explanation (rationale) for your choice. Nicely done.

    I, too, would love to visit the native rainforest and the museum. I am very lucky in that I live on the west side of Auckland and have access to the Waitakere Ranges (native bush) on a regular basis. Aronui and I frequently go out for long bush walks through the forest. It is very peaceful walking through the bush.

    Do you enjoy going for walks?

    Keep the great work, Caroline.

    Rachel :)