Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey||Day 3 Activity 2

Wednesday 12 July 2017
Task: On your blog, tell us whether you agree that New Zealand should be predator free. In your opinion, is it right to kill all of the predators (eg. possums) or should we just leave them alone? On your blog tell us what you think and give us, at least, three reasons why you think this way.

Is it right to kill all of the predators such as Possums? My answer to this is no, I say no all animals regardless do not deserve to die or to be killed by forcement. However there are many ways and options that we can look at into decreasing the number of damages caused by predators but mainly possums. My first reason as I believe they should be killed is becauses that’s plain cruelty and nasty of someone to do that, since they are protected in Australia as native species, the only best and responsible move to do is to send them back, in this way no one gets to die for both the possums and our land. Secondly I believe and strongly agree that we get rid of them as soon as we can. Our dairy products are what keeps us functioning during the week especially our Milk, however as these possums and predators sticking around they are injecting our cattles with bovine tuberculosis which can harm our dairy industries alongside the people of New Zealand. Lastly because the government is having to spend millions and millions of money on Possum control, which I highly disagree with as that money can be wisely spent on something more important.

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